Adopted October 8, 2011
Amended – October 13, 2012
Amended – November 9, 2013
Amended- June 17, 2015
Amended- Feb 13, 2016
Amended- June 12, 2017
Amended – July 8, 2017

Article I
Name, Emblem, Purpose

Section 1 – Name
The name of the Club shall be known as Heartland Camaros.

Section 2 – Emblem
The club’s emblem shall consist of a drawn outline of a Camaro over the words “Heartland Camaros”

Section 3 – Purpose
The general purposes of Heartland Camaros are as follows:
Promote public appreciation of the efforts put forth by individuals in restoring and maintaining Camaros; to assist, serve and benefit members in any phases of charity, local or otherwise; promote camaraderie among all Camaro automobile enthusiasts; and serve as an organization for members with mutual interest in the Camaro community. The club will also coordinate and cooperate with federal, state, and local authorities.

Article II
Officers, Elections, Vacancy

Section 1 – Officers
The elected officers of this club shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers shall hold office for one (1) term. One term shall be defined as one (1) year from date of the election. If the elected officer is interested in serving an additional term at the end of theirs, he or she must be re-elected into office by the members. There shall be no term limits on the club’s elected officer positions.

Section 2 – Elections
The manner for the election of officers shall be:

a. At the annual October meeting, nominations(s) are to be submitted in writing by club members. Absentee nomination(s) will be accepted from current club members. Absentee nomination(s)      shall be submitted via email, phone or face to face communication to the appointed sub-committee up to one (1) week prior to the scheduled November meeting.
b. At the annual November meeting, the club members shall submit their votes via written ballot to the appointed sub-committee. The appointed sub-committee will tabulate the written ballots    and announce to the winning members their newly elected position.
c. At the annual December meeting, the President (new or current) shall introduce the newly elected officers who shall being conducting the duties of their positions.

Section 3 – Vacancy
A vacancy of an elected officer which occurs during the term shall be filled by appointment by the President. If the vacancy is the position of the President, then the vacancy shall be filled by the Vice President. Special nomination(s) and election(s) by the members may be necessary. The individual appointed shall serve for the remainder of the original officer’s term.

Article III
Duties of Officers, Overseer, and Webmaster

Section 1- President
The President shall preside at all meetings of the club members. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside. If both the President and Vice President are absent, the members meeting can nominate a spokesperson to officiate the meeting. The President shall appoint subcommittee chairpersons as required by the club’s needs. The President will be responsible for any business outside of the membership.

Section 2 – Vice President
The Vice President shall act as President in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall assist the President in his or her duties as needed. The Vice President shall send out emails to club members regarding club business. In addition, the Vice President shall coordinate club events.

Section 3 – Secretary
The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings of the club, keep accurate attendance records at club meetings, forward the minutes and attendance of the meetings via email to the President within one (1) week of the meeting and perform other similar duties as required by this position. The Secretary shall maintain a roster of current club members. The Secretary shall be responsible for making and dispersing new member packets.

Section 4 – Treasurer
The Treasurer shall be the only officer to collect and disburse the funds of the club as voted by a majority of club members. In the absence of the Treasurer the Treasurer may delegate one officer to temporarily collect or disburse the funds of the club. The Treasurer shall hold and manage all club inventories such as but not limited to; Decals, Shirts. The Treasurer shall render a printed financial report at the monthly meetings and also when the President requires one. The Treasurer shall collect all dues payable by the club members. All checks or debit card(s) shall be held by or bear the signature of the Treasurer and a second officer of the club. No member, subcommittee or officer, other than the Treasurer, shall hold funds belonging to the club for a period longer than thirty (30) days. No appropriation shall exceed the amount of funds available. At the annual December meeting the President shall appoint two (2) members to audit the account of the Treasurer.

Section 5 – Overseer
The Overseer shall be a club elected position but is not an officer held position. Overseer is to be a trusted intermediary between Officers to assist in resolving any controversy that may arise. The Overseer is to be proficient with the bylaws to determine if the bylaws are being followed by Officers and Members.

Section 6 – Webmaster
The Webmaster shall be an officer appointed position but is not an officer position. The Webmaster shall maintain all club websites and manage all electronic forms of communication. (Facebook, Forums ect..) The Webmaster will also manage the external hard drive. Webmaster will maintain and manage electronic forms of communication for the main chapter and all sub-chapters.

Article IV
Membership, Dues, Termination

Section 1 – Membership
Membership shall be open to individuals who own a Camaro from 1967 to the current model year. Upon receipt of an application submitted to a Heartland Camaro officer, applicant shall be accepted or rejected by 3 or more of the current officers to include the VP &/or President after prior review of application for possible problems not to exclude, driver’s license, age or any other known issues that would put the club in legal or moral misrepresentation. Membership status is granted when an application is accepted, dues are paid and the individual possesses a valid driver’s license and is at least 18 years of age. When the aforementioned are accomplished an individual is considered as an active/voting member. Members should conduct themselves in a manner favorable to the club and its purpose, especially when visibly expressing their membership. Each new membership will receive a member packet that shall include one (1) free white Heartland Camaros window decal. A membership, as used in these bylaws can consist of Camaro owners and their immediate family with a valid driver’s license.

Section 2 – Dues
Dues are $25.00 per year payable to the club Treasurer by January 31st of each year. The amount of yearly dues can be periodically adjusted as needed by the membership at its discretion. Dues shall include immediate family with full membership privileges.

Section 3 – Termination
The membership of any club member may be subject to termination by a unanimous vote by the Officers for conduct unbecoming for a member of Heartland Camaros. The member in question will be given full opportunity to hear and reply to the charges or reason for such action within thirty (30) days of the offense. The member’s reply shall be received by the President thirty (30) days from the time the member is confronted with cause for concern. A member that is dismissed from Heartland Camaros will forfeit any fees, dues or monies paid to the club. Should a member be dismissed they will be required to remove any club associated logos from their vehicle(s). Reasons for termination may include but are not limited to:

a. Unlawful conduct resulting in an arrest.
b. Public intoxication while visibly expressing club membership.
c. Failure to exhibit integrity and respect towards club members as well as members of the community when visibly expressing club membership.
d. Failure to abide by club bylaws.

Section 4 – Resignation
A member that chooses to resign from Heartland Camaros will forfeit any fees, dues or monies paid to the club. A member may submit a written resignation to any Officer or by mail.

Article V
Meetings, Amendments, Voting

Section 1 – Regular Meetings
There shall be a meeting of the club on the second Saturday of each month. A change in regular schedule can be made by the President. Meetings will be held in a membership agreed upon location which will be published on the Heartland Camaros website. Any changes will be updated on the website followed by an email sent to members of the club. The President shall conduct the order of business at all regular meetings as follows:

a. Welcoming Remarks
b. Roll Call & introduction of visitors
c. Reading and approval of minutes
f .Treasurer’s Report
e General Announcements
f. Reports by Committee Chairpersons
g. Unfinished Business
h .New Business
i. Adjournment

Section 2 – Special Meetings
The President may call a special meeting. Notice of the meeting shall be sent to all the members at least three days prior to the meeting. The notice must be given via (2) two communication methods such as but not limited to; email, postal mail, telephone, social media or website.

Section 3 – Officer Meetings
There shall be a meeting of the club officers on the 1st Tuesday of January, April, July and October each year. The meetings will be held in a mutually agreed upon location at a time agreeable to all officers. The meeting date can be changed by the President with prior notice and agreement of active officers by email or phone.

Section 4 –Quorum
Proposes conducting business at regular or special meeting of the club, fifteen percent (15%) of the general membership shall constitute a Quorum. A vote of a majority of such a Quorum shall be sufficient to deal with items of business as any come before such a meeting. Amendments or Additions to these Bylaws shall require a majority vote of all club members present at the meeting.

Section 5 – Bylaw Amendments
Proposed amendments or additions to these bylaws shall require a majority vote of the club Officers and brought to membership for final majority vote.

Section 6 – Voting/Nominations
The nomination and voting process shall happen at regular meetings and will be done by show of hands of club member representing his or her membership. Each membership is allowed a maximum of one (1) “active/voting” member; equating to one (1) vote. To be eligible to vote, members must be present, in good standing and annual dues must be paid in full.

Article VI All social media

Section 1 – Social media
Social media shall be used with care to hold Heartland Camaros in a positive light. Kindness and respect shall be used when using social media so that Heartland Camaros and its members are presented in a positive, inviting manner. Any posts that reflect the opposite of this will be kindly removed. Members posting repetitive negative remarks will be invited to leave membership for failure to abide by club bylaws as stated in Article IV, section 3 D.

Section 2 – Current Social media
Paid members and their dependents will use the Heartland Camaro Facebook page for communications between other members. New prospects and vendors shall communicate to the group through or

Section 3 – Web site and email will be maintained by the web master on a monthly basis. Interested parties may use the web site to communicate with us and to follow our movement. Vendors shall use this media to offer our current membership discounts and products and for our current members to communicate with them to purchase their services or products. For security reasons only current elected officers, overseer, and webmaster will hold passcodes to the web site. is the email address to be used for official communications between members and vendors to the elected officers. This account will also be the location to submit photos taken while out at events that the webmaster will post on the web site. For security reasons only current elected officers, overseer, and webmaster will hold pass codes to the email.

Article VII  Subchapter requirements

Section 1 – Sub Chapter(s) request to create

Any group or individual who wants to start a chapter in another city and/or state must present their request to the main chapter at large, during a meeting or submit their request to an officer who will present the request and supporting documents/information as needed to the main chapter at large. Upon presentation of the supporting documents/information and discussion by the main chapter at large, the membership present during this meeting will vote in favor of or against granting the sub-chapter affiliation. If there are questions or concerns raised by the membership, the vote may be delayed until the next meeting.
All subchapters will abide by all bylaws established in this document.

Section 2 – Financial information

The main chapter will provide $100 starting funds to the subchapter after the approval has been given by the main chapter at large. This $100 will be returned to the main chapter account if the subchapter closes. The subchapter is required to maintain a $100 minimum balance in their account regardless of the individual banking institution requirements. Treasurer of the main chapter will audit subchapter finances and have access to online review only of the subchapter account.

Section 3 – Election of officers

Subchapters are required to elect officers as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Overseer. These officers will serve the same term limitations and follow the same guidelines as the main chapter Article identifies.

Section 4 – Dissolution of sub chapter(s)

Subchapters wishing to dissolve must provide the main chapter a 30 day notice in writing, describing the reason for the dissolution of the subchapter. The $100 starting money and all funds in the subchapter bank account will be returned to the main chapter by the end of that 30 day notice.

Section 5 – Sub chapter specific issues

Subchapter issues that may require different resolution given the variance in chapter function, and that may require changes to the bylaws to support this variance will be presented to the President of the main chapter and put to the main body and subchapter body for approval or denial. Addendum may be added to the bylaws and no bylaws may be deleted or disregarded by subchapters.